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  • Access your webmail, change your service or state, and consult your invoices here.


    You receive your invoice by email each month. As an additional service, you can view your bill online from this page. Just enter your login and password.

    If you plan not to use your connection for a period longer than one month, you can switch to a reduced fee of € 17,00 / month + VAT. Contact our customer service for notice, and it will become effective in 24 h.


    From Wipzona Energy we wants you always connected. Because your are a Wipzona Energy client you already have an email account that you can use both your mail program as usual or from your Web browser.

    Access your Webmail from here.

    Service Change

    To change the service contracted, as increasing the bandwidth or include VoIP service, you must contact our technical support call center. Upon receiving your request, we will modify the contracted service. If it is a bandwidth extension (eg. Product Silver to Gold), becomes effective within 24 to 48 hours. The cost will be reflected in the next bill you receive.

    Support: +34 965 013 000. Opening time: from 9:00 - 17:00 h