Wireless Internet

  • Want to know why more and more people who contract with Wipzona Energy wireless Internet?

    The greatest revolution of recent years in connectivity is the ability to dispense completely of a landline phone to have Internet. The wireless connection of Wipzona Energy is based on radio waves. The only requirement is the clear view to the base antenna and not exceed a distance of 16 km.

    The signal is sent from our facilities to the terrestrial antenna installed on your property. The receiving antenna is mounted outside of the building and pointing to the closest base station.

    Advantages of Wireless Internet:

    1. You do not need a phone line.
    2. You have coverage in areas without service from other providers.
    3. You are able to have symmetrical links (same upload and download data speed).
    4. The installation time does not exceed 7 days.
    5. By having our own infrastructure we can offer real quality of support and service.
    6. International customer support.