• From now, save money in your national and international calls with Wipzona Energy.

    With a broadband Internet connection and our VoIP adapter can call any phone, allowing you substantial savings on national and international calls, and without requiring landline.

    Also, you can check anytime your call details on our website .

    Voice over IP is a technology that allows the transmission of telephone calls over the Internet . Until today the predominant use on the Internet has been the transmission of data and information. The voice transfer over the same infrastructure has generated great expectations for the savings involved for the end user .

    To connect to the voice service over IP Wipzona Energy a connection to broadband Internet , VoIP (price € 59 + VAT ) and a conventional telephone adapter is needed.

    Wipzona Energy sends  VoIP adapter to the client preconfigured with your new phone number .

    With Wipzona Energy VoIP you can call landlines in these countries at the same price a local call : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland , Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United USA

    ¿Why Wipzona Energy VoIP?

    • Allows significant savings in national and international calls.
    • No landline needed.
    • With an Internet connection and our VoIP adapter, you can call any phone.
    • You can check the details of your calls on our website.