• Wipzona Energy Hotspot is for those who want Internet access for a limited period of time and in a certain area.

    What a Hotspot is?

    A geographical area in which an access point provides public bandwidth via WLAN. Hotspots are often located in high population areas such as airports, train or bus stations, libraries or hotels. The Hotspot covers a limited area.

    Access Point
    It  is a software appliance that acts as a communications center for users with devices equipped with WLAN. Access points are important to provide a secure service and extend physical area where you can access the service.

    Wireless local area network. A type of wireless local area network that uses radio waves of high frequency instead of wires to transmit data.

    We are currently expanding this service to new areas. Today we cover the area of Albir. For more information contact our Customer Service : 965 013 000